In a bid to ease movement in rural areas, sub counties have embarked on a program of opening up new roads and rehabilitating existing ones. The government through the Uganda Road Fund has released over 200 million shillings towards this work. Unlike in the past, the District Executive Committee directed that all projects being implemented in in the district must be launched at the start and commissioned after completion. The District Chairperson Patrick Kayemba together with Resident District Commissioner Nalongo Kwesiga have been launching the programs in all sub counties. The sub counties include Nambale, Nawandala, Nabitende, Namungalwe, Nakalama, Nakigo, Bulamagi and Nawanyingi. Kayemba says that launching of projects enables communities to monitor and supervise their implementation. "It also helps us leaders to promote transparency and accountability" he adds. During such meetings,people are briefed about the costs, and extent of works.