Political and Administrative Structure

Iganga District is composed of three constituencies of Kigulu South, Kigulu North and Iganga Municipality. It has nine lower local governments.

These include the sub counties of Nawandala, Nabitende, Nambale, and Kidaago located in Kigulu North.

Kigulu South includes Bulamagi, Nakigo, Nawaningi and Nakalama. Namungalwe Town Council located in Kigulu North is the urban authority.

Iganga Municipality which is an independent authority from the district in terms of leadership and managemnt, has two divisions of Iganga Central and Northern.


The District Chairperson                                    Ezra Gabula

Vice Chairperson                                               Khalid Mukakya

Secretary for Social sciences                              Lydia Kawala   

Secretary for Production                                    Lydia Takoberwa  

Secretary for Works and Technical Services        Kalama Shafiq