Iganga District Local Government is set to spend 32 billion shillings during the 2019/2020 Financial year.

Education with 17 billion share, took the bigest chunk of the budget followed by Health at 6 billion shillings.

Shillings 13 billion for education will go to payment of salaries of primary, secondary and tertiary teachers. Universal Secondary Education and Universal Primary Education  capitation grants will cost 2.4 billion shillings while 50 million is for office operations. Renovation and construction of classrooms will cost one billion shillings.

The district is set to spend 767 million shillings on maintainance and rehabilitation of its road network of 137 kilometers.  Water and Sanitation sector has been allocated 613 million shillings. This includes 450 million shillings for drilling of 16 boreholes.

Meanwhile, the district will spend five billion shillings towards payment of pension and gratuity to its former staff during next finanicial year. The secretary for Finance Patrick Meeme, says that the over 98% of the income to service the budget is expected from central government and donors.

He adds that the district has had challenges in raising local revenue over the years. "Local revenue sources have dwindled coupled with negative attitude of our people towards payement of taxes", he adds.



Tuesday, June 18, 2019