Water Department
The district's objective under the Water sector is to increase the supply of safe water from 55.1% to at least 57% by the end of this financial year. There are also plans of ensuring that at least 91% of all safe water sources are functioning. This will be done through maintenance, repairs.

The rapid population increase in the district which now stands at 682,565 has exerted enormous pressure on the demand for safe water. This population is not somehow commensurate to the available water sources though the number appears bigger. There are 825 deep boreholes, 305 shallow wells and 113 protected springs. These are, spread in the rural areas of the district excluding Iganga and Busembatya Town Councils which have piped water provided by the central government. At the moment, safe water coverage in the district stands at 51.1%. We calculate safe water coverage basing on the number of people that a water source serves. A deep borehole and a communal water harvesting system serve 300 people each while a spring and a shallow well, 200 people each.

         The sector's objectives for 2015/16 FY are
 Increase water coverage by 1.8% by the end of the financial year 2015/16
 Provision of a platform for monitoring and evaluation of water and Sanitation facilities both at district and sub county level.

         Water and sanitation coverage
Iganga District apparently has a total of 694 deep boreholes, 267 shallow wells, 104 protected springs, with coverage of 68.2%, The functionality status of the District waives between 90-95 %.in rural areas. Two urban areas of iganga municipal and Busembatia have piped water. The sanitation coverage stands at 75%.

         Water and sanitation coverage
No Activity Planned Achieved Remarks
1 Drilling of deep boreholes.(DWSCG). 12 12 12 boreholes are located in the following areas installed and functional
Subcounty Village
.Buyanga Mufumi
Ibulanku Busola
Igombe Bubenge(wansala)
Makuutu Bukonde
Namalemba Nabirere B
Bulamagi Lwawu
Nakalama Nampirika
Nabitende Kalungami Lc1 A
Nakalama Namundudi B
Nambale Bukwanga
Nambale Nasuuti
Namungalwe Namufuma
2 drilling of shallow wells 6 6 installed and Functional at:
Nawandala Kabuli  11
Bulamagi  Kafunta
Nakigo Bulyangada
Nakigo Wairama
Nambale  Kidago
Ibilanku Kabugweri
3 Casting and installation  of 10 old boreholes 10 10 New parts replaced and cast at
Nambale Naibiri(Toka P/S
Makuutu Mawololo
Makuutu Bunlwenyi A
Nawandala Namabwere 11
Nawandala Bufumba
Ibulanku Buwabe
Namalemba Bukakaire
Ibulanku Butende
Igombe Walanga
Nakigo  Busowobi
4 Construction of latrines in rural growth centers. 01 1 Four stance lined pit latrine at Nabitende Banada  T/C in Nambalei s/c

Procurement of water pipeline to extend to Nakalama T/c

690m 690m 690 m of 6 inch UPVC procured and handed over to NWSC for extension of piped water from Iganga Municpal council to Nakalama RGC.
Project launched and construction in progress.
6 District water and sanitation committee meetings. 04 3 Held quarterly  and  one  to be held in July 2016 due to delays to access funds
7 Sub county advocacy meetings 13 .13 Completed at the subcounty head quarters of Namalemba,Ibulanku,Igombe,Buyanga, Makuutu, Bulamagi, Nakalama, Nakigo, Nawanyingi, Nambale, Nabitende, Namungalwe, Nawandala
8 Extension staff Quarterly meeting 04 3 Held quarterly  and  one  to be held in July 2016 due to delays to access funds
9 Reactivation of  water user committees 136 136 Completed
10 Home & village improvement 02 02 Conducted  in Bulamagi and Makuutu  S/C
Baseline surveys, household follow-up visits and Demonstrations done.
11 Completion of rolled projects( shallow wells 06 06 Installed and functional
         Planned Activities and Budget Proposals For 2016/17 F/Y
                           a)  Expected revenue

Wage                                                20,327,640
Transitional development Grant –        22,000,000/=
None wage recurrent for rural water   37,898,690/=
Development water                            660,313,831
Community Contribution                      4,200,000

         Planned Activities and Budget Proposals For 2016/17 F/Y
No Activity Planned Remarks
1 Drilling of deep boreholes .(DWSCG) boreholes.(DWSCG). 21 21 boreholes are located in the following areas 
Subcounty Village
Buyanga Kiwanyi B
Buyanga Buyanga A
Buyanga Kalalu B
Ibulanku Butende
Ibulanku Buwabe
Igombe Namakunyu
Igombe Kikunyu  
Makuutu Bunakate
Makuutu Naitandu A
Namalemba Idinda
Bulamagi Walukuba
Nakalama  Buwongo
Nakigo Namusenwa
Nambale  Bulondo
Nambale  Nambale 1
Namungalwe  Namukanaga 2
Nawandala  Bugambo

Bugole A

Nawanyingi Bugingo B
Nawanyingi Lugobango village
Nawanyingi Nawanyingi
Nakalama  Buwongo
2 Casting and installation of 10 old boreholes 21
Subcounty Number
Nambale 2
Makuutu 2
Namungalwe 1
Nawandala  2
Nawandala 2
Ibulanku 2
Namalemba 1
Ibulanku 1
Igombe 2
Nakigo 2
Nawandala 2
Nawanyingi 2
Nabitende 2
3 Reactivation of water user committees 200 To old water sources and sanitation facilitus
4 Construction of latrines in rural growth centers. 01 Works to commence in quarter four at Nabitende Kabira  T/C in Nabitende  s/c

District water and sanitation committee meetings.

04 To be be held Quarterly  for coordination and monitoring watsan activites
6 Sub county advocacy meetings 13 Sensitize upcouties on their roles and responsibilires
7 Home & village improvement 13 Conducted  in Ibulankua and Buyanga and still on going
Baseline surveys, household follow-up visits and Demonstrations done.

NB. The district under the new sector policy will continue with prepations to construct mini piped solar and extension of piped water to areas of high population.
         Other activities by various stakeholders
No Donor/Agency/NGO Activity
1 Water  mission. Construction of piped water with sanitation facilities in Kabira in  Nabitende S/c  and kiringa in Nawandala sub-county respectively
2 Nwsc ( National Water and sewerage cooperation) Completion of extension of piped water to Nakalama and other areas near Iganga  Bulubandi , Nampirika, Busei
3 JICA ( Japanese  International cooperation Agency) Design of piped water in Nambale and Nondwe Trading centers Formation of water committees and drilling Production wells
4 Busoga Trust. Rehabilitation and construction of shallow wells in Bulamagi sanitation improvement.
5 Water  and Sanitation facility Development East Design Review for Piped water in Idudi Trading centre

         Planned Activities and Budget Proposals For 2016/17 F/Y
1. Unit Cost of materials and construction has gone up.
2. Procurement process is still slow affecting early implementation
3. People were involved more in politics during the election of national leaders

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