Production and Marketing Department
Industrial Development is an Integral and important part of Governments overall development strategy. And this Strategy is to be achieved through transforming Uganda into a Modern and Industrial through among others; Adding Value by processing, to reduce Post- Harvest losses and increasing exports of higher value products ,especially from agricultural Production and Mineral resources .

Industrialization also offers greater prospects for increased employment, more export earnings, wider tax base, increased purchasing power, increased integration with agriculture, product diversification, greater efficiency, and technical skills for modernization and higher productivity throughout the whole economy.

Manufacturing involves turning of Materials into Goods and Products on a large-scale the Industrial sector comprises Metal Fabrication of Value – Addition Machineries, Food processing, leather and leather products, Textiles and Garments, Printing and Packaging e.t.c.
The National Vision of the Industrial Policy
is to build the Industrial sector into a Modern, Competitive and Dynamic sector fully integrated into the Domestic, Regional and Global Economies.
Principle Focus
Exploiting and developing Natural resource Based Industries; promoting competitive Industries that use Local raw materials. Agro - processing focusing on, food processing, Leather and Leather products, and Value – Addition in niche exports. And Engineering for capital goods, agricultural implements, construction materials and fabrication / Jua Kali operations.
Specific Objectives of the Industrial policy
Create a business friendly environment for private sector-led Industrialization in which industries will develop, improve productivity and the quality of products through, innovations and become more competitive in the global economy. Improve Infrastructural development for effective and efficient Industrialization program. Create a framework that supports joint participation of the Public and Private sectors in the development of technology competencies for the production of more and higher value -added goods and services for Domestic consumption and export, widen the tax base; and increase integration with agriculture.
Promote environmentally sustainable Industrial development; Support the growth of a skilled and productive labour force and to ensure that experienced entrepreneurs and trained managers are particularly focused on Industrial development. Create support systems for sustainable Micro and Small Industrial Development.
Industrial / MSMEs Sector Analysis and Justification for Iganga District
The Ugandas liberalization and Pro-Market policies of the late 1980s led to sustained Private sector growth with real GDP contribution averaged 7% per year. The Micro, Small, Medium, Enterprises (MSMEs) are the engine of growth for the economic development of Uganda and the world at large. They are spread across all sectors with; 49% in service sector, 33% in commerce and trade, 10% in manufacturing and 8% in others. The MSMEs are key drivers in fostering source of technological innovation/ new products, wealth creation, Agriculture / Agro-Businesses and job creation in Iganga District and Uganda at large. Approximately 90% of the entire Private Sector, generating over 80% of manufactured output that contribute 20% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

The MSMEs include all types of enterprises irrespective of their legal form (Family enterprises, Sole proprietorships or Cooperatives) or where they are formal or Informal enterprises to ensure inclusiveness.

In Uganda a Micro Enterprise is an enterprise employing up to 4 people, with an annual Turnover of Shs.12 Million, while a Small Enterprise is defined as an enterprise employing 5 – 50 people, with an annual sales / revenue turnover or total assets of up to Shs. 360Million. A Medium enterprise employs more than 50 people with annual sales turnover or assets of between Shs. 360 – 30 Billion. The District Commercial Office complies with the National Vision of; The Presidential Investors Round Table (PIRT) which identified the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) sector as a critical mass of viable, Dynamic, Competitive key Drivers of Economic growth, Job creation and Social – Economic Transformation.
The MSME's Mission
is to stimulate growth of sustainable MSMEs through enhanced Business support services provision, access to finance , Technical and Business skills , and the creation of Conducive policy, legal and Institutional framework.
MSME's Priority Sector Growth
In the National Development Plan (NDP) II (2015/2020) MSMEs where identified as fundamental contributions to the creation of opportunities in the available sectors to cultivate and nurture entrepreneurial and managerial skills across the country. As they would reduce the Rural – Urban drift to the extent that some people remain in the rural areas where these resources are located; i.e.
• The Manufacturing sector has a gross growth potential of more than 10% per annum, and can be classified as, Agro-processing and Value – Addition (Manufacture of Foods, Beverages), Textile wearing apparel and leather, Wood products plus Furniture, Paper and Paper products, Printing and Publications.
• Non – Food manufacturing include sectors such as metal fabrications, light engineering, metal casting and foundry, electrical and electronic hardware engineering, pottery and construction industry.
• The service sector mainly; Information and Communication technology with vibrant opportunities in Broadband services, Business incubation and training.
• The education, Hospitality and Health support services are among the growing potential sectors for the MSMEs
Iganga District Local Government Intervention in Industrial Development
The District Vision is that; we would wish to have a prosperous District with potential investors taking advantage of, and utilizing untapped resources, for Industrial Development, Revenue base expanded and Job opportunities created for improved livelihood.

The overall Mission is; To Promote, Facilitate, Supervise investments and assist Potential Investors in Identifying and Establishment of Investment ventures either, through Public Private Partnerships and provision of Information relating to investment opportunities in the District. The overall Goal is; to establish gazetted Industrial Park as a strategy to attract both Local and Foreign Investors in Iganga District.

Iganga District has a comparative advantage of being located along the Trans – Saharan Highway and serving as the major economic centre and Trade zone feeding all the curved off Districts in Busoga Sub – Region (Mayuge, Namutumba, Luuka, Bugiri and Kaliro).
The Industrial / SMEs Private Sector is characterized by both Formal and Informal (JUA - KALIs) Entrepreneurs activities in the District and have been established on the bases of Agricultural production, a broad sector providing both forward and backward source of revenue in the District.

The sector employs a good proportion of the entrepreneurship population, more especially in the Urban – Rural Centers were Rural - Electricity power Distribution has been extended. Majority of the SMEs derive their Income & wealth from; Metal Welding & Fabrication, Agro – Processing (Maize / Cassava Milling, Rice milling), Coffee processing, Fruits and Juice, Tailoring / Garments, Bakery, Carpentry and Timber & furniture mats. The Government Rural Electrification Programme has encouraged Entrepreneurs especially the youths to establish SMEs in most Trading centers in Iganga District, which has created self – employment and creation of jobs, Hands on Skills training, and Generating local revenue in the respective Sub – Counties

The Ministry of Local Government, secured funds from African Development Bank (ADB), International Fund for Agricultural Development(IFAD) to finance The Community Agricultural Infrastructure Improvement Program (CAIIP)to construct Rural Markets and Agro - processing / Value –Addition Mills( facilities), from which Iganga District has benefited; the objective of the programme was to improve on the markets infrastructure in order to induce production and marketing of agricultural commodities, enhance the incomes of venders / farmers and increase employment and local government revenue. Under Public – Private Partnership, Sub – County local Authorities have tender out CAIIP projects to potential prequalified local community formal groups / Cooperatives to collect revenue on behalf of the Sub –County.
The CAIIP projects in point are;
Sub - County CAIIP – Project Tenders /
Nawandala Maize Mill Basoga Nsete Farmers Group.
Namungalwe Rice Mill Namungalwe ACE
  Maize Mill Sub - county
  Coffee Hurrah Sub - county
  Slaughter House at Kawete Mkt. Sub - county
Nakalama Rice Mill AKKO Investments LTD
Nakigo Rice Mill Bukawa ACE – Coops.
  Coffee Hurrah at Nawanzu Sub - county
  Road Side Market at Busowobi Sub - county
Makuutu Rice Mill Sub - county
  Coffee Hurrah. Sub - county
  Market at Nondwe Trading .C. Sub - county

           The District Commercial office with the support from the District Commercial Services Support Project (DICOSS) project is helping in implementing Industrial policies i.e.;

• Here the Commercial office has built the capacity of MSMEs in Iganga to sustainably manage their businesses. This has been possible through workshops / seminars facilitated by national technical officers from the ministry of Tourism, Trade and Industry / Cooperatives, i.e. Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) Uganda Investment Authority (UIA), World Food Programme , Uganda Revenue Authority , and Uganda National Registration Bureau. with mutual support from Associations, like; Iganga Business Community Organization (IBCO), Uganda Small Scale Industries, Chamber of Commerce – Iganga ,and Iganga District NRM Entrepreneurs League

• The Commercial office is also facilitating the development of Agro-Processing Initiatives / Small Scale Cottage factories as a foundation for Ugandans capacity to produce and engage in international trade competitively more especially the East African Community. The District Commercial office has developed Data Bank for all Industries / MSMEs operating in the District. However during the data collection exercise, it was observed that most MSMEs are not legally registered. We therefore encourage visit the District Commercial office, to guide them in the processes of Registering with the Registrar of Companies or Business Registration Bureau in Kampala.
District investment committee
Iganga District has benefited from the Ministry of Trade Tourism and Industry Busoga Sub- Region program of establishing District Investment Committees to stimulate and attract both Local and Foreign Investors Industrial development and Investments in the District. This has been facilitated by Uganda Investment Authority. The purpose of the District Investment committee is to promote facilitate, supervise investments and assist potential investors in identifying and establishing investment ventures either on Public Private Partnerships and provision of Information relating to Investment opportunities in the District.
District Investment Committee Members
No Name Title Tel Number
1 Kayemba P. Gavamukulya Chairperson 0702 - 469156
2 Mukasa Maira Joseph CAO 0772 - 408464
3 Lubambo James DCO / Secretary 0750 - 551032
4 Kayemba Fred District Planner 0702 - 559071
5 Ibanda Henry District Land Officer 0701 - 609989
6 Waiswa James DFF/ Member 0772 - 855393
7 Balidawa Badru Siraji ACE / Member 0776 - 999048
8 Wanansi Daudi IBCO / Member 0772 - 663919
9 Hajji Kasiiko Abdu USSIA / Member 0772 - 466049
10 Bibi Saleh Private Sector 0772 - 594130
11 Mutumba Steven Hotels / Member
12 Ndazula Enoch IMC/ Member 0701- 162727
13 Lukooya Muluta .P.N Member 0782 - 624075
District Local Economic Development (LED)
The Local Economic Development (LED) is a 6th objective of Decentralization policy. LED is a process or Development model where the Tri – Partite Partnerships between Local Governments (LG), The Private sector, and the community / Civil Society , Non-Governmental Organization sectors are Jointly and Collectively engaged in Initiation , Identification, Mobilization and Management of Resources at local levels. LED is intended to create a conducive environment for Investment, Increased Household Incomes, Creation of Employment opportunities and Higher Revenues for Local Governments, which translate into improved livelihoods for the Communities.
The District Commercial office has instituted and set up LED – Forum / Business forum structures in the District; following the Ministry of Local Government, Local Economic Development Implementation Circular; instructing Local Governments to form LED / Economic / Business Forums, LED Resource Team was initiated which included District Departmental heads / Representatives , NGOs, Business Community representatives / Private sector.
District LED Resource Team
No Name Title Tel Number
1 Musingye Edward Assist. CAO / Chairperson 0702 - 590025
2 Batuka Samuel District Comm. Devt. Officer 0772 - 481748
3 Bazalaki Sully Nantatya Assist. D.P.O 0772 - 593773
4 Waiswa James Gen. Secretary  - IBCO 0772 - 855393
5 Samanya Abdul Natural Resource Officer 0712 - 679203
6 Mulondo Elia BoD. Iganga NGO Forum 0776 - 983448
7 Lubambo James District Commercial Officer 0750 - 551032
Banking Sectors in Iganga District
No Name Title
1 Centenary Bank Main Street Iganga – Busia High way.
2 Pride Micro Finance Ltd. Main Street Iganga – Busia High way.
3 FINCA (U) LTD. Main Street Iganga – Busia High way.
4 Finance Trust Bank Main Street Iganga – Busia High way.
5 Crane Bank Main Street Iganga – Busia High way.
6 Bank of Baroda Main Street Iganga – Busia High way.
7 Barleys Bank Main Street Iganga – Busia High way.
8 Opportunity Bank Main Street Iganga – Busia High way.
9 Post Bank Main Street Iganga – Busia High way.
10 Stanbic Bank Mpindi Road
Fueling gas / petrol stations in Iganga
No Name Title Tel Number
1 VIRAL OIL LTD. Main Street Iganga – Busia High way. 0712 - 624545
2 GAPCO Main Street Iganga – Busia High way. 0753 - 406868
3 TOTAL Main Street Iganga – Busia High way.  
4 HARED Main Street Iganga – opt. Crane Bank 0717 - 234000
5 DELTA Main Street Iganga – Walugogo Estate. 0701 - 670105
6 East zone Petroleum Ltd. Main Street Iganga – Walugogo Estate. 0706 - 916868
7 Shell - Uganda Main Street Iganga – Oppt. Post office  
List of Active NGOs / CBOs in Iganga District
No Name Location Description Tel
1 Iganga District NGO Forum. Iganga Municipal Coordinates NGOs in the District Baliraine Christopher 0703-509722
2 Iganga District Farmers Association District Capacity Building, Agro-Inputs, Marketing Bisiki Paul 0759-902337
3 EADEN –Eastern Archdiocesan Development Network Nawandala, Namungalwe, & Nawanyingi Capacity Building, VSLAs, Commercial farming Muhwezi Godfrey
0701- 854822
4 IDIWA – Integrated Disabled Women Activities Nambale , Municipal , Nakigo, Makutu Provides inputs to PWDs , Capacity Building, Micro- Loans Kayanga Elizabeth , 0704-608675
5 Lancy Production Center Northern Division Juice / Tomato Processing Kayanga Elizabeth
6 SEPSPEL- South Eastern Private Sector Promotion Enterprise Limited. Nambale , Ibulanku , Namungalwe VSLAs Regional Manager, 0703- 988027
7 Hunger Project. Nakalama , Bulamagi , Buyanga , Makutu , Igombe Health facilities Micro-finance, Food Storages.  
8 Farmers` Development Trust District / Eastern region Capacity Building in Agric. Value chains Kisambira Peter,
0772 -602035 0702-855393
9 REA – Consortium District Coffee Nurseries , Coffee promotion Kauta Yasiini, 0774 -373390
10 Agro – Max Nakalama Demonstration farm, Green house, irrigation scheme Branch manager, 0703-686225
11 Center for Evangelism District Faith based ,Micro-finance Lubale Paul , 0774, 373390
12 Mawagala Child Dev.Center Nawanyingi Education for Orphans, Parents SACCO Project Coordinator, 0704-149837
13 Nakisenhe Adult Literacy Group Nakigo,Igombe ,Makutu Food Stores, Maize Balikowa Moses,
14 WAACHA –Women Alliance Namungalwe Orphans support in vocational Skills Isanga Noah,
0772 -937969
15 Family Concept Municiple council School Dropout Skills Development  
16 Nambale Farmers Initiatives Nambale W.FP- Maize Grain Storages Baitanunga Jane,
17 Iganga Food Farmers Initiatives Nakalama Offers Savings & Credit Manager 0781-418589
18 IDIP –SACCO. Northern Division Offers Savings &Credit 0758-086737
19 Iganga Teacher Based SACCO Northern Division Offers Savings &Credit 0703-910654
20 Iganga SSS CMS Offers Savings &Credit 0701-684212
21 Bukoyo SSS Bukoyo Kasolo Offers Savings &Credit 0772-682016
22 Tweyiye Teachers SACCO Nawandala – Kigulu North Offers Savings &Credit 0789 -235662
23 Tutandike SACCO Central Division Offers Savings &Credit 0785-185292
24 IMUBAS- SACCO Central Division Offers Savings &Credit 0754-243430
25 Empower – SACCO. Busembetia Offers Savings &Credit 0715 -721955
26 Namungalwe Farmer. SACCOn Namungalwe Offers Savings &Credit 0754 -724620
27 Busoga University Staff SACCO) Busoga University   0712-937779
28 Bugweri Teachers SACCO Namalemba   0752 -868496
29 91.1RFM Funs SACCO Central Division   0703-037757
30 Katwegeme SACCO Central Division Offers Savings &Credit 0782 -264528
Farmers Marketing Cooperatives
• BUSAGA farmers Coops – Northern Division; Contacts -0772-549158
• Kiwemba Farmers Co-ops – Central Division; Contact -0779 -915013
• Bukawa Area Cooperatives Enterprise– Nakigo ; Contact : 0786 - 142168
• Namungalwe Area Cooperatives Enterprise; Contact -0776 – 999048
• Nambale Farmers Cooperatives – Contacts; 0772- 435435

Community Based Services Department
• Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children (OVCs)
• Youth Livelihood Programme (YLP)
• Integrated Community Learning for Wealth Creation( ICOLEW)
• Functional Adult Literacy (FAL)
• Gender Based Violence (GBV

Production Department
• NAADS / OWC (Operation Wealth Creation)- Provision of Technology Inputs to farmers Citrus, Maize, Beans, Coffee Seedlings and related inputs.
• Uganda Coffee Development Authority -Promotion of Robusta Coffee Production, Supports Coffee farmers in Nursery establishment, Quality assurance for coffee processors,

District Health Service Department / Stakeholders doing health related Activities
• Reproductive Health International
• DSS – Mayuge / Iganga
• Uganda Village Health
• Safe Mother, Safe Babies
• Marie Stoppes

Iganga Education Sector: Government Aided Projects; LGDP, SFG, UPE and USE
• Busoga University
• Iganga Technical Institute.
• Pioneer Technical
• Iganga P.T.C(Bishop Wills)
• Success Beauty Saloon, Rolnar School of Beauty Fashions and Designs
• Iganga Nursing and Midwifery, Walugogo T.T.C

List of identified MSMEs / Cortège Industries in Iganga District
1. Mirembe Bakery and Confectioneries
2. Urban Farmers Producer Cooperatives (Liquid Soap Making)
3. Insimuko Youth Association (Liquid Soap Making)
4. Black – Smith; Contacts – 0754-700492
5. Metal Fabricators; Contacts; 0782-306240
6. Furniture and Woods; Contacts; 0700-568635
7. Foods and Beverages; Contact- 0701-221789

List of Investments in Iganga District
1. Tembo Steels – Kasolo , Contact; Santosh Tripathi - 0703 -600271
2. Bond-Holding- Cotton Ginneries – Nakivumbi – 0772 -409519
3. Ngemeraku Investments – Water / Juice Processing at Butende; Contact:
4. Gakuwere Wilberforce; 0392 -947752 / 0701 – 947752 / 0790-915077
5. Mamuza Poultry Breeders – Municipal Council; 0703 -871441
6. Lancy Production Center- Iganga Municipal Council; 0704 -608675

• Iganga has the big potential of Investors unfortunately we have limitation of Land for Industrial park Establishment.
• The current Market Infrastucture is too small with unhealthy conditions to accommodate the growing potential Business investments.
• Some of the Businesses are being operated informally.
• Poor Business record keeping.

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