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Iganga district has 153 government aided primary schools and 380 private primary schools. There are 12 government aided secondary schools while the private and recognized secondary schools are 35.

Universal secondary Education USE program in the district operates in 10 government aided secondary schools and 22 private secondary schools. The district has benefited from a government grant of U$1.9m, about 6bn/= released for the renovation of Iganga Technical Institute. This project comes on the heels of another grant from government released towards construction of Busesa technical Institute in Bugweri County which is nearing completion. The two institutions alongside private ones are crucial in the promotion of vocational skills to the young people in the district.

Construction of Mbigiti Memorial Technical Institute promised by President Yoweri Museveni in memory of FRONASA member James Mbigiti at Namavundu in Makuutu sub county has commenced. Shs418m has so far been released towards this project. Of this amount, 158m/= is for construction of a twin workshop, 87m/= is a classroom block while the Administrative block will cost 144m/= plus another 27m/= meant for a 5-stance pit latrine.

There are 107,000 pupils under Universal primary education UPE program in the district, of whom 53,907 are girls while 51,943 are boys. The number increased by 870 pupils in 2014 compared to 2013 which stood at 104,980.

On the other hand, 25,420 students have been registered in the 22 secondary schools under USE program. The government released 2.3 billion for USE and 694m/= for UPE during the year 2014. These funds are sent directly to school bank accounts. Iganga district has 2414 teachers on pay roll out of 2518. Recruitment of more teachers to fill the remaining gaps will commence soon.
         PLE Perfomances during the Last Five Years
Top 5 causes of mortality for persons 5 years and older
Year Div.1 Div.2 Div.3 Div.4 Div.U Div.X Total
2011 770 2783 2031 1734 2779 499 10597
2012 836 3558 2090 1549 2708 553 11294
2013 661 3265 2635 1742 3030 469 11796
2014 732 3636 2701 1795 3026 371 12261
The number of pupils failing exams and those who register but fail to sit these exams is still high but efforts are being taken to address the problem.

The district received funding towards construction of four staff houses and 14 classrooms under the Schools Facilities Grant during the 2015/16 financial year.
They are Bukwaya, Nabirye, Namabwere, Bulyansime Muslim, Nakivumbi, Lubira, and Bunyiiro Church, while Naluko primary school had four classrooms renovated at 64m/=. Those where teachers' houses were built include Bishop Willis Demonstration school, Busembatya, and Makandwa primary schools. These projects are expected to cost 628,932,611m/=.
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